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Nature Latex Soother, 6-18m

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NUK for Nature latex soother, right for the jaw, natural rubber latex, 6-18 months, 2 pieces, BPA Free, green

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99 in stock


Nature Latex Soother, 6-18m

NUK for Nature – Soothing, naturally. Naturally soothing.
Natural soothes best. That is why we use more than 98% natural raw materials for our NUK for Nature Soother. For the firm parts, we use sustainable plastic.* The natural origin is independently certified. The soft teat is made of pure natural rubber. A purely plant-based, renewable raw material, which is very soft and warm and is also particularly flexible.
But NUK for Nature also means that sustainability does not stop with the soother. That is why we pack it in 100% FSC-certified paper that can be easily put in the paper recycle bin. And to make the carbon footprint even smaller, everything from its raw materials to its production using renewable energy is optimized to be climate-friendly. And we take it even further. We are working every day to become even more natural and sustainable.
The original NUK shape is also inspired by nature: round at the top and flat underneath. So the NUK for Nature soother nestles against the palate and leaves room for the tongue. It is also accepted by 95% of babies, is particularly breastfeeding- friendly and does not cause misalignment of the teeth or jaws.**
For these and many other reasons, the NUK for Nature Soother is the recommendation of medical experts** – and the favorite of climate-conscious parents.
NUK for Nature. Soothes sustainably.

These NUK soothers are made of natural rubber latex and 100% manufactured in Germany. Of course, they are BPA – free. Latex soothers should be replaced every one to two months, or if they start to become sticky at the latest.

  • 98% natural raw materials – consists of more than 98% natural rubber and Sustainable plastic
  • From raw materials to production with renewable energy, we optimize everything to be climate-friendly for a minimal carbon footprint.
  • Original NUK shape – inspired by nature, particularly breastfeeding-friendly**, accepted by 95% of babies**
  • Recommended by medical experts**: does not cause misalignment of teeth or jaws
  • BPA-free, 2 pieces per pack, packaged in 100% paper – it can be put in the paper recycle bin

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