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NUK Nail Clippers

NUK nail clippers for babies are designed for easy trimming of small nails.

  • Attractive design with stainless steel parts
  • Attractive design with stainless steel parts


NUK Nail Clippers for babies, cut tiny baby nails easily and safely thanks to a rounded cutting surface

A baby’s finger nails grow very quickly, especially in the first months, so, to protect the little ones, their nails should be cut regularly. In the beginning, a baby’s nails are still very short and soft, making them often barely distinguishable from the nail bed. It is only after four to six weeks that they are hard enough to be cut. With the NUK  Nail Clippers, parents can master the first nail-cutting without any problems. Thanks to the rounded cutting surface, they cut very precisely and gently.

Tips on nail cutting
It is best if nails are cut when your baby’s hand is open. To do that, simply hold your baby’s fingers with your thumb. NUK Nail Clippers’ special design with the comfortable grip offers more safety. Being able to be held stably, parents have more control when using it. The anti-slip surface on the lever pad helps to prevent slipping when cutting. Furthermore, midwives recommend cutting nails when the baby is asleep. This way it avoids your baby fidgeting while you cut. Nails are particularly soft and easy to cut after a bath. NUK Nail Clippers are made of high-quality stainless steel that can withstand falling into water.

Nail Clippers or Baby Nail Scissors
Many parents ask the question if they should use nail clippers or scissors. Both are suitable for cutting nails. But it is important that they have rounded ends – so that nothing can happen to your child. The advantage of NUK Nail Clippers for babies: the whole nail does not have to be trimmed straightaway. Especially at the beginning, nails grow very quickly, so it is not unusual to have to cut them several times a week.

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