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Disney Mickey Mouse Tableware Set

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NUK Disney Mickey Mouse Tableware Set, Gift Box with tumbler, plate and cutlery, from 9 months

  • Set includes 1 plate, 1 fork, 1 spoon and 1 tumbler, TPE bases for stability
  • Plate is simple to hold and easy to spoon out thanks to broadened rim
  • Cutlery with wide handles and rounded edges and prongs
  • Microwave and dishwasher safe, high-quality polypropylene & TPE, BPA-free
  • Attractive NUK Gift Box,for children from 9 months

100 in stock

100 in stock

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Disney Mickey Mouse Tableware Set

The popular Disney characters Mickey & Minnie Mouse in the NUK range
The world-famous Disney characters Mickey & Minnie Mouse accompany our little ones in
their magical everyday lives. Classic modern designs adorn our popular NUK products and
delight both young and old Disney fans. Immerse yourself in the unique world of Mickey &
Minnie Mouse!
The NUK Disney Mickey Tableware Set: the complete solution to learning to eat
Practice makes perfect – that is also the case when it comes to our little ones learning to eat.
When your child starts to want to eat and drink without your help, the time of being fed by
someone else slowly comes to an end. To make the process easier and also eliminate any of
your initial concerns a recommendation is the NUK Disney Mickey Tableware Set with its
thought through shapes and helpful functions which helps your child learn to eat and drink.
Part of the set is a deep plate with a broadened rim that makes spooning out simpler and that
is also easy for little children’s hands to grasp. Just like the learning to eat plate, the set’s
tumbler has a TPE base which ensures stability, so that, when it comes to experimenting and
confronting the unfamiliar, nothing goes amiss. Of course, the right cutlery has to be there
too. To make using the spoon and fork simple and safe, the cutlery has wide handles that are
easy to hold as well as rounded edges and prongs – making learning to eat child’s play!
A Rendezvous with Mickey Mouse – with the NUK Tableware Set
The Tableware Set from NUK will not only win you over with its functionality, but also with its
appearance: the cute and colourful design with its Mickey Mouse motif means that your
offspring will have even more fun learning to eat and drink and it paves the way for playfully
discovering the world of different meals. Whether breakfast, lunch or the evening meal, the
popular and happy Disney character proves himself to be a cheerful partner at every meal
NUK Disney Mickey Tableware Set: microwave and dishwasher safe
The little tummy rumbles – so things must go quickly. The set’s plate and tumbler are excellent
for warming food in the microwave. The meal can be quickly served, the tummy is full and so
it is back to playing or even taking a little nap – that means everyone else can too! All the
pieces in the NUK Disney Mickey Tableware Set can go in the dishwasher, making them ready
for use again in no time at all.

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Weight 0.9 kg
Dimensions 30 × 15 × 20 cm



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